MahWengKwai & Associates had its Landlords v Tenants Lunch Talk on 21 October 2013. Raymond Mah, the Managing Partner and Head of the Dispute Resolution Practice Group delivered the talk on the very interesting topic that drew great response from existing clients, those from the Property Development Industry and the public.

We had more than 30 attendees for the talk that lasted approximately 2 hours with various questions posed at the end of the talk.  Most of the participants were able to personally relate to this topic, having been tenants at some point and others landlords, it was of great interest to hear concerns of people from various backgrounds.

Some of the questions (amongst others) posed by our attendees on the Landlords v Tenants talk were such as:

(a)    Do we need to stamp a subsequent letter to vary the terms in the original Tenancy Agreement?

(b)   Is it more prudent to draw up a new Tenancy Agreement periodically taking into account the increase in rental due to inflation?

(c)    If the tenant defaults in paying the rental, can the landlord act to padlock the property?

(d)   Do we need to go to court to seek redress in certain circumstances?

Aside from Raymond’s professional opinion, it was also interesting to hear the thoughts and input from the attendees themselves as it gave a broader perspective to the current issues facing the general public and some even highlighted more creative solutions.

MahWengKwai & Assoicates’ monthly lunch talks gives us an opportunity to socialise with our clients, meet new people from various backgrounds and widens our social networking. At the forefront of our practice, we believe in keeping our clients well apprised of the latest developments in the legal arena, current and relevant topics. We take pride in doing so, and are pleased to be able to keep our clients well informed through our lunch talks on different areas of the law, primarily on our specialty areas in Dispute Resolution and Corporate and Commercial matters.

Please find slides to the talk  attached here for your further reading pleasure.