In November 2012, several law firms across Europe and Asia met in Bali, Indonesia. As a result of a dialogue between them, The League of Lawyers was formed in 2013 to synergise their resources and efforts to enhance their client’s experience with them. The founding members are Malaysia (MahWengKwai & Associates), Australia (Ferguson Cannon), Germany (von Zanthier & Schulz), India (Astra Law) and China (Yap & Lam). The League of Lawyers currently serves the needs of clients in Asia, Australia and Europe, who have inbound and outbound business investments.

The inaugural League of Lawyers conference was held at The American Club in Singapore from 26 to 27 October 2013 to strengthen ties between the member firms, present an opportunity for each firm to share their values, goals, practice areas, and share ideas for cooperation and business development. Participants from Germany, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Vietnam, India and Malaysia also shared how they add value to their clients whilst charging affordable prices.

The delegates representing their respective member firms at the conference are as follows:

  • Mr Samuel Barber (Ferguson Cannon Lawyers, Australia)
  • Mr Henning von Zanthier (von Zanthier & Schulz, Germany)
  • Mr Stephen Yap (Yap & Lam, Hong Kong PRC)
  • Mr Manoj Chhabra (Astra Law, India)
  • Mr Raymond Mah & Mr Lim Jo Yan (MahWengKwai & Associates, Malaysia)
  • Mr Niten Chauhan (JPC Law, United Kingdom)
  • Mr Dang The Duc & Mr Luu Xuan Vinh (Indochine Counsel, Vietnam)

MWKA’s Ms Lum Ying Mei and Ms Nora Jawi organised and hosted the conference which gave occasion to the member firms to deliberate and streamline the League’s objectives, vision and values, have an open discussion on extending invitations to new potential members from other jurisdictions, and plan activities for 2013/2014.

The conference also included two business development sessions designed to heighten the member firms’ awareness and exposure to alternative marketing channels and strategies for law firms. Ms Pam Siow, the founder of the Internet Biz Owners Club, shared her insights on Internet Marketing for Legal Firms while our Ms Lum Ying Mei conducted a Blue Ocean Strategy Workshop for Law Firms.

At the end of each day’s session, delegates were able to relax and unwind on tour activities exploring Singapore. The Singapore Flyer treated everyone to a visual 360° feast of iconic and historical Singapore landmarks while the amphibious land and sea tour by DUCK Tours brought the delegates up close to Singapore’s famous skyline and gorgeous bay view.


All aboard the DUCK mobile, a remodelled WWII amphibious Vietnamese war craft, to embark on a land and sea adventure across the Singapore River and Marina Bay


Mr Henning von Zanthier (Germany) and Mr Dang The Duc (Vietnam) enjoying the Singapore Sling on the Flyer

The League of Lawyers Conference has solidified the relationships and friendships between the member firms, ignited enthusiasm and motivation for the League, and set the blueprint for inviting new members and moving forward in year to come.


Standing (L-R):  Mr Luu Xuan Vinh (Indochine Counsel, Vietnam), Mr Niten Chauhan (JPC Law, UK),
Mr Samuel Barber (Ferguson Cannon, Australia), Mr Lim Jo Yan (MWKA, Malaysia),
Mr Raymond Mah (MWKA, Malaysia) & Ms Lum Ying Mei (MWKA, Malaysia)

Seated (L-R): Mr Dang The Duc (Indochine Counsel, Vietnam), Mr Stephen Yap (Yap & Lam, Hong Kong),
Dato’ Mah Weng Kwai (Judge of the Court of Appeal, Malaysia), Mr Manoj Chhabra (Astra Law, India) &
Mr Henning von Zanthier (von Zanthier & Schulz, Germany)

A lunch meeting was held on 28 October 2013 at the Marina Mandarin Hotel to welcome Mr Derrick Wong of Derrick Wong & Lim (Singapore) as the newest member of the League of Lawyers. Also present at the informal event was Mr Sefa Guven (Y&G, Turkey), Mr Shay Milow and Mr Yaniv Insall (Insall, Milow & Co, Isreal) who expressed keen interest to join the League.


 (L-R):  Mr Raymond Mah, Mr Sefa Guven (Y&G, Turkey), Mr Shay Milow (Insall, Milow & Co, Israel),
Mr Derrick Wong (Derrick Wong & Lim, Singapore), Mr Yaniv Insall (Insall, Milow & Co, Israel),
Mr Stephen Yap, Mr Henning von Zanthier, Mr Niten Chauhan, Mr Lim Jo Yan & Mr Manoj Chhabra