Friday, 10 April, 2020

11:00 am – 11:45 am  Syariah – Estate Planning : Wasiat and Hibah 


About this talk

While we hope for the best in this Covid-10 pandemic, are you and your family prepared for the worst? A wasiat is a promise by a person on his/her property or to complete a benefit for charity or any other reason that is allowed by Syara’ (Islamic Law) which is to take effect upon his/her death. Join this online talk to hear our speaker explain the need for a wasiat and the relevance of hibah on property. The talk will be delivered over video conference using Please click here to download Zoom


Talk Points

  • What is Wasiat?
  • Importance of having a Wasiat
  • Elements of Wasiat
  • What is Hibah?


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