Medical law is an area of law which governs the responsibilities of medical practitioners and the rights of patients.

We have experience in providing legal representation and advisory services in medical cases such as allegations of misdiagnosis, surgical mishaps, conflicts of interests and delayed treatments. We also advise on the use of inappropriate equipment/devices and the use of controversial drugs.

Our Services

  • Advising the patients or the doctors on their rights and remedies in the event of a surgical mishap
  • Drafting and negotiating amicable settlements with the doctors on behalf of the patients
  • Representing either the patient or the doctor in a legal action
  • Consulting with and obtaining advice and expert opinions from medical professionals who are experts in their respective fields of medicine who may be called to attend trials in Court to give evidence and assist the court.

Our Experience

Assisted and represented patients in claims against hospitals and doctors for negligence occurred during the patients’ surgeries. The settlement sum received from the hospitals and/or doctors and the compensaton sum awarded by the courts are to compensate the patients for their pain and sufferings and to assist them in their future care and treatment.

Relatad Services

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