Every conflict holds a key for a great business deal thus our aim is to find that key together with you. Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution. Unlike litigation which is based on a judicial and adversarial process, mediation is a voluntary process, informal and flexible. It focuses on the needs and interests of the parties as opposed to legal positions and rights. In mediation, parties are encouraged to resolve their own disputes and to arrive at a mutually acceptable solution of the matter. Upon agreement, there can be no further litigation or arbitration of the matter. Mediation is a method that saves time and legal costs.

At MWKA, we can help you reach an outcome with an added value for both parties. We are fully committed in our mediation process to actively deal with dispute prevention, the relationship and communication between the parties, the business and other substantive qualities of the case, as well as the legal and process management aspects.

Our Services

Our services and support include, but is not limited to the following areas:

  • Mediating a mediation (as an Independent Mediator)
  • Advising and representing client in a court-led mediation or private mediation
  • Drafting of settlement agreement following a successful mediation

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  • Commercial litigation
  • Corporate litigation
  • Family business
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Managing Partner
Diana Cheak
Senior Associate
Prisilla Chong
Jasmine Wong
Eric Toh
Janessa Kok
Anis Mohd Sohaimi

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