by Raymond Mah and Stella Lau

MahWengKwai & Associates offers you an insight into the Malaysian Courts’ Electronic Filing System, also known as the “e-Filing” System or “EFS” in short, with answers to some frequently asked questions (FAQ’s).

In this article, we explain how you as a party to court proceedings can use the e-Filing System to check on the status of your case. Follow the steps below to check the status of your own case independently and keep abreast with the progress of your matter.

The FAQ’s we cover in this article include:

1. What is the e-Filing System? 

2. When was the e-Filing System implemented? 

3. Why was the e-Filing System implemented? 

4. What are the benefits of the e-Filing System? 

5. How does the e-Filing System benefit the public? 

6. How do I check the next court date of my case via the e-Filing System? 

7. How do I view the court documents filed in my case via the e-Filing System? (step-by-step diagram available)

e-filing malaysia court

Please click on this link:  E-filing Malaysia Court to read the full article (with step-by-step diagrams) in PDF.

We hope you have found the information on the e-Filing System helpful. However, please be mindful to always check with your lawyers and seek professional advice on your queries regarding any legal proceedings.