By Anis Mohd Sohaimi

On 13.4.2020, during unprecedented times brought by the Covid-19 pandemic, our firm received uplifting news that MahWengKwai & Associates was recognised by Asian Legal Business (“ALB”) as Malaysia’s Employer of Choice 2020.

Our Managing Partner, Raymond Mah, shared his thoughts upon receiving the news:

“I want to say thanks to ALB for the recognition. More importantly, I give credit to each of our teammates for making MWKA a great place to work for all of us. Thank you for choosing to invest your time and effort into our mission, growing as a team and supporting each other.”

We are delighted and honoured by ALB’s recognition of MahWengKwai & Associates as Malaysia’s Employer of Choice 2020. We thank the team for their dedication and commitment to providing the highest standards of legal service, even during these trying times. As the pandemic continues to test businesses with resource limitations and changing work conditions, we are proud to have a team that we are confident will get us through, adapt and push boundaries together.

Our teammates also shared their thoughts on the good news:

“I have been with MahWengKwai & Associates since pupillage. 7 years on, I testify that the firm has been pivotal to my professional and personal growth. The firm is blessed with a leadership team who is genuinely interested in facilitating us to reach our career goals. The firm also has a work culture that is built on values which are aligned with mine. It’s heartening to witness and experience camaraderie with my colleagues even though work can be tough at times. Thank you ALB for the recognition and congratulations to the firm on the award. I am very honoured to be part of this team and I look forward to making many more memories here.”- Hannah Patrick, Senior Associate, Dispute Resolution Department (teammate since 2012)

“MWKA merupakan majikan pertama saya dan saya berterima kasih kepada MWKA kerana menerima saya bekerja di sini. MWKA sememangnya satu “great place to work” untuk kami semua. Di sini kami berkerja secara berpasukan dan akan “support” satu sama lain. Lagi sekali, terima kasih MWKA!” – Nurasmaniza Kharuden, Head Litigation Clerk (teammate since 2013)

“I am glad that MWKA was awarded the Employer of Choice 2020 by ALB. MWKA offers a work-family culture and stable workplace environment that attracts and retains employees. MWKA clearly favours the well-being of their employees; and the benefits and perks of working at MWKA, like being allowed to have children at work and having flexible schedules, makes our lives easier. We are also given the opportunity to continue developing our skills and each of our careers. Trust comes from both the management and between colleagues, and I believe this is what keeps the employees happy and productive which allows the firm to innovate, develop and eventually prosper.” – Nuramira Abd Rahman, Human Resources and Operations Executive (teammate since 2013)

“Thank you to ALB for the recognition. Thank you to our Managing Partner for being an understanding, caring and appreciative leader to all of us. Our workplace culture definitely motivates us to strive for the best and achieve greater heights together. I am proud to be part of this team.”- Jasmine Wong, Associate, Dispute Resolution Department (teammate since 2014)

“We would like to express our deep gratitude to ALB for this generous recognition. Special thanks to our Leadership Team for creating a friendly yet competitive working environment. The firm has brought us all together as a team with the culture that we hold on to. As such, I believe this achievement should go to each and everyone from the team. It is our utmost pleasure to be part of the team.” – Shivamoorthy Rajaram, Finance and Operations Executive (teammate since 2016)

“Congratulations to MWKA for being recognised by ALB as the Employer of Choice 2020. It is a well-deserved recognition as our Managing Partner and the Leadership Team have always been working very hard to improve our firm and ensure the working environment in our firm is friendly and inspiring. Whenever we face problems, our employers will always listen to our opinions and come up with effective solutions to solve the issues. We would like to thank ALB for this honourable recognition and our employers for their sacrifices and hard work for this firm. We shall continue to uphold our values and there will be better days ahead!”- Marcus Leong, Associate, Real Estate Practice Group (teammate since 2017)

“Congratulations to the team for the award! Thanks to the dynamic and effective management team, supportive lawyers and every team member that makes MWKA a conducive environment to learn and grow!” – Chew Jin Heng, Pupil in Chambers (teammate since 2019)

The ALB Employer of Choice rankings are based on an online survey of the best law firms to work for in Asia and was compiled taking into account responses from more than 2,500 private practice lawyers across Asia. Moreover, the recognition is made all the more valuable because the feedback considered by ALB included responses received from our teammates.

You may read the full article in the April 2020 issue of ALB (page 24) here. 

By Anis Mohd Sohaimi