Intellectual Property Law governs the enforcement, registration, protection and security of the legal rights to intangible properties such as inventions and designs. Inventions and designs include trademarks, copyright, geographical indications and patents. Entrepreneurs and business owners need to understand the basics of intellectual property  law to best protect hard-earned creations and ideas from unfair competition. Intellectual property includes distinctive items that someone has created and ones that give the owner an economic benefit.

At MWKA, we seek to help the company plan for success and avoid theft of ideas, designs, and other concepts. We offer a range of Intellectual Property services to ensure intellectual property owners are well safeguarded and protected. We also advise our clients in various Intellectual Property areas such as copyright, licensing, patents and trademarks. Not only do we offer advisory services, we also act for our clients for any intellectual property disputes.

Our Services

  • Copyright
  • Data Theft
  • Franchising
  • Intellectual Property Disputes
  • Intellectual Property Protection
  • Intellectual Property Registration
  • Intellectual Property Searches
  • Licensing
  • Patents
  • Technology and e-Commerce
  • Trade Marks

Our Experience

Advising a small local business on a trademark and passing off infringement action which was brought pre-maturely by a multinational company. Successfully negotiated settlement out of court.

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