Esports, the world of competitive electronic sports or video gaming, is rapidly growing alongside the growth of modern technology. Esports Law is an intricate mix of employment law, contracts, sponsorships, gaming, intellectual property and governance. Those involved or looking to venture into this industry and who require legal assistance include but are not limited to individual talents, players/gamers, streamers, casters, game developer and publishers, team or leagues owners, broadcasters, esports centres, gaming hubs, competition venues or facilities provider, advertising companies, and potential investors.

Our team carries our vast experience from dealing with sports matters into Esports Law. We understand the commercial, corporate and governance issues faced by the esports community

Our Services

Our services and support include but are not limited to the following areas:

  • Esports contract drafting, review and management;
  • Sponsorship advisory and consultancy;
  • Image rights (Intellectual Property)
  • Governance, integrity and regulation;
  • Tournament / competition hosting rules, regulation and management
  • Drafting the constitution for esports-related associations;
  • Dispute Resolution

Our Experience

Our experiences in the past include:

  • Advising on the establishment of a state’s Esports Association and drafting the constitution for the said association
  • Advising on the establishment of an Esports Players Association and drafting the constitution for the said association
  • Reviewing contracts between esports athletes and esports teams
  • Reviewing and advising an esports team regarding a sponsorship/streaming contract
  • Reviewing the enactment for a state’s Esports Council including but not limited to licensing matters

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