Our Employment Department offers consultation on a retainer basis to businesses and employers.

Our hassle-free retainer gives you access to our qualified lawyers:

  • Email us with your inquiries and we will respond by email
  • Call us to discuss your inquiries over the telephone 
  • Meet us for a face-to-face discussion at our office (by appointment)
  • Updates on Malaysian labour and employment law
  • Newsletters from MWKA
  • Invitations to MWKA’s lunch talks


Additional Services at Special Rates

Clients on our retainer will also enjoy the benefit of the following services from our Employment Department at special rates: 

  • Reviewing or drafting of employment-related agreements and documents:
    • Employment contract
    • Letter of extension of probationary period
    • Letter of confirmation of employment
    • Renewal of fixed-term employment contract
    • Company memorandum
    • Contract for services
    • Company policy
    • Show cause letter
    • Warning letter
    • Suspension letter
    • Domestic inquiry notice
    • Letter of termination
    • Employee handbook
    • Notice of transfer of department
    • Performance improvement plan
    • Collective agreement
    • Voluntary separation scheme
    • Mutual separation agreement
  • Assisting and attending to disciplinary exercises
  • Assisting and attending to domestic inquiries
  • Assisting and attending to retrenchment exercises
  • Assisting and attending to trade union negotiations
  • Assisting and attending to mutual separation negotiations
  • Assisting and attending to termination or renewal of post-retirement contracts
  • Advising and attending to townhall meetings
  • Providing industrial relations/ employment-related training to human resources (HR) practitioners
  • Representation at the Labour Court
  • Representation at the Industrial Court

Retainer Fees

Our retainer fees are based on the size of your business:

No. of EmployeesAnnual Retainer Fees
>≤ 25 employeesRMx,xxx
26 – 50 employeesRMx,xxx
51 – 100 employeesRMx,xxx
101 – 150 employeesRMx,xxx
151 – 200 employeesRMx,xxx
201 – 300 employeesRMx,xxx
If your company has more than 300 employees, please contact us for more information.