A company’s trade secrets, customer database and financial information are one of its most valuable assets. The data can be misappropriated and misused by competitors or disgruntled employees with significant and unfair commercial advantage. Employees take away the confidential data with them as they migrate to a competing company or start up a similar business. Hence, the data can be extremely vulnerable to theft and misuse when its protection is overlooked by companies.

With the growth of technology, data theft and misappropriation of data have occurred more frequently in the recent years as confidential data can be transferred onto USBs , via cloud storage or through mobile devices. Companies need to know how to prevent the unlawful use of the data and stop data theft occurring in the first place.

Our Services

  • Advising clients to put up a protection in their employment contracts and non-disclosure agreements.
  • Advising clients on company policies such as email, internet, IT, social media and database policies.
  • Advising clients in legal remedies including search orders, application for pre-action disclosure, delivery up and freezing orders.

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